Digital Steel

Casting web magic for start ups and small businesses

Getting a website as a start up or small business should be a low cost and easy thing to do with a solution that is scalable and adaptable.

Digital Steel builds smart and professional WordPress websites that are affordable.

There's also no need to spend valuable time sourcing a copywriter and Search Engine Optimisation specialist because we can do all of that as part of your digital startup package.

Casting web magic is a bit like baking and decorating cupcakes, get the right ingredients, make it look pretty and you have something people will enjoy.

Website design and build

Website Magic

WordPress is a powerful tool, enabling pretty much any magic you need for your website. It comes with an easy to use content management system too. Digital Steel can help you to cast web magic with a great site.

SEO Services

Google Magic

Search Engines have things called algorithms and spiders and that means you need some search engine optimisation spells cast on your website so that you get seen when people search for you. Digital Steel knows all that magic.

Website portfolio

Portfolio of Magic

Some awesome people are casting web magic with their sites made by Digital Steel, take a look at them here. 
Whatever you need for your site, there will be magic available to accomplish it.